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Kubernetes Cronjob: Automated MySQL database backups

Update: This project has been renamed to kubernetes-s3-mysql-backup, which better describes its function. The remainder of the post remains accurate. As mentioned in my last post about my Kubernetes Architecture. I recently started investigating how I could perform regular backups of the MySQL database that sits behind this blog. The goal was to have an automated backup taken at least once every 24 hours, saved to a durable location external to my current hosting provider.

This blog now runs on Kubernetes: Here's my architecture

As I alluded too in my previous post, I’ve recently been working in moving my blog (and all of my services) to Kubernetes. Up until this point, I’ve been running all of my services in containers, but on specific machines with Docker installed. I had a pretty sophisticated and automated deployment process but it was only ever an interim solution before I delved into Kubernetes. The decision to move to Kubernetes was further expedited by being given access to the Digital Ocean Kubernetes Limited Availability Preview.