Now powered by the API

I launched back in late December 2018. At the time the API didn’t exist, so all queries for rail data went directly to the National Rail OpenLDBWS SOAP API.

Developing was painful, because interacting with SOAP is simply not fun. The whole reason I developed the API in the first place was so other developers wouldn’t experience the same frustrations and challenges that I did. However, after releasing the API, all my time and energy became focused on making improvements to it, and I never actually got around to re-developing to use the API.

That finally changed yesterday, and now fully uses the API. It means it can now take advantage of all of the performance improvements that the API has to offer, including Intelligent Caching.

The switch to using the API also included a myriad of bug fixes, and improvements. Including much improved error handling for when National Rail are experiencing issues. If you regularly use you should notice a significant performance increase. A combination of switching to the API and the re-engineering have given the site an approximate 10x performance improvement (no exaggeration!).

Traffic to remains really healthy, and I’ve been doing all I can to spread the word. Today saw the highest concurrent user mark! 323 users at one time.

If you’ve got any ideas for improvements and tweaks to either or the API, just let me know!


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